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Mobile Usage with ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have adapted to become increasingly accessible on mobile devices, making them faster and more efficient to use throughout the workday. Mobile-user access to ERP systems, particularly through Epicor mobile applications, brings several advantages to companies and organizations, including:

Security and Accessibility

With mobile-user access to ERP systems, users are able to easily access information on any device while in the field via a secure connection. Data implementation is not lost or compromised and users have immediate access to ERP, allowing them to transact business when and where it happens.

Increased Productivity

Users are able to significantly reduce time spent on data entry, while increasing accuracy. The system allows users to deliver real-time reports on inventory levels, discounts, and special pricing for customers. By streamlining customer interactions, employees are able to speed up sales cycles, service delivery, and revenue generation. Additionally, sales teams are able to secure customer commitments quickly, spending more time selling and less time waiting for information.

Improved Compliance

A mobile-friendly ERP system improves compliance. It makes it easier for employees to adhere to legislation that requires companies in specific industries to provide reports on products, calibration, and cleanliness of equipment and materials.

Epicor has been in the mobile space for many years, from handhelds to purpose built devices, and they continue to enhance mobile applications, which can be downloaded to standard smartphones and tablets. Contact us today to learn more about how your company can benefit from a mobile-friendly Epicor ERP system.

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