Glass Fab, Inc.
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Glass Fab, Inc. Improves Fabrication Efficiency with Epicor Software and ComTec Solutions

Glass Fab

“When it gets complicated, I turn to ComTec.”

—Dan Saltzman, President of Glass Fab



49-Year-Old Glass Manufacturer Seeks Customizable Software Solution to Improve Machining Efficiency

Since 1974, Glass Fab, Inc., a worldwide leader in fabricating quality optical blanks, has provided precision glass machining and fabrication for the optics industry, ensuring stringent customer specifications are consistently met and exceeded.


Manual Tracking Systems Delaying or Preventing Product Manufacturing

In 2010, Glass Fab was dealing with the challenges of an outdated tracking system. Lacking a digitized solution that could automate estimates, team members instead used manual calculators to determine estimates. These time-consuming calculations often caused incorrect estimates that delayed or prevented product manufacturing.

First, the organization implemented a homegrown solution, working with and customizing several different systems in an effort to improve efficiency and accuracy. However, this approach failed to give them the automation they needed.

“[These solutions] never fully worked well out of the box,” says Dan Saltzman, president of Glass Fab. “[They] required rewriting code to be more tailored to [our needs]. The thought of me being the one to do everything to that system was overwhelming. At that time, we started looking at other packages.”

In order to achieve the level of precision its customers expected and deliver products on time and on budget, Glass Fab needed a software they could easily customize along with a team to support it. 



A Local Team to Modify and Support ERP Software and IT Solutions

Since 2014, ComTec has provided Glass Fab with support on all of its ERP needs, delivering customized solutions and automation that have streamlined the routing process.

“Customization has allowed us to become more efficient in our routing design,” says Dan. “We can be much quicker and much more accurate. That was the whole idea behind the customization. [Now] when someone designs a routing between our systems, ground rules are built into the system and automation takes over.” 

In addition to providing customized ERP solutions, ComTec’s Epicor and IT support has freed up Dan to refocus on managing his business. As a small business owner, Dan wears a lot of hats. Working with ComTec, Dan is now able to relax knowing he can count on a trusted partner to handle simple to complex ERP and IT support needs.

“I don’t have to worry about or keep an eye on Epicor to make sure things are running okay,” says Dan. “If there is an issue, I don’t have to be the one to fix it. I know ComTec is taking care of it.”

ComTec’s local team has continued to support the Glass Fab team with the expertise they need to keep the business moving forward, helping them get exactly what they need from its ERP software and keep their IT systems up-to-date. This local service was a top priority for Glass Fab.



Proactive Support and Quick Issue Resolution

ComTec’s proactive approach has helped keep Glass Fab up and running. When the company’s server crashed, ComTec jumped into action providing a new onsite server they now fully support.

“We purposely have the server through ComTec because I wanted that support,” says Dan. “It’s comforting to know that support is there. It’s yet another thing we don’t need to worry about.”

Throughout the partnership, ComTec has made Glass Fab a priority, ensuring issues are responded to quickly with proactive solutions. 

“[ComTec] is very responsive,” says Dan. “Even the more complicated things have a reasonable time frame. We don’t feel like we're an afterthought.”



Looking to update and modernize its systems even further, Glass Fab is considering updating to a cloud-based server. As they work towards implementing a new system, additional customizations may become necessary.

ComTec will be there every step of the way to assist with the transition, providing insight into the right solutions to fit Glass Fab’s business goals.

“One of the plus sides of staying with ComTec is the service we’ve received,” says Dan “The service is top-notch.”

What is your favorite part about working with ComTec?”

“I like how responsive the team is. If we have a concern or question, it gets answered in a very reasonable amount of time. There is a level of comfort knowing if I have a problem, it’s going to get fixed–done the right way, in a timely fashion. Plus, if I want to discuss how to do X or Y better, the team is ready to offer creative ways to make it happen.”

—Dan Saltzman, President, Glass Fab


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