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Transform Your Manufacturing Business with Epicor ERP

ComTec provides best-in-class advisory, implementation, maintenance, and hosting services for those who already have Epicor and those who are interested in an ERP solution. 


Modernizing Your Business
with ERP Solutions

Streamline your operations, gain real-time insights, and stay ahead of the competition with ComTec Solutions, the Epicor Certified Platinum Partner with nearly 30 years of experience. 

Our experts will build the right solution for you, ensuring that your ERP system is delivering the results you expect. With us as your ERP implementation partner and trusted adviser, you can achieve the business outcomes that matter most to the growth of your business.



How ComTec’s Epicor ERP Services Help Your Business Grow


Streamlined Operations

With ComTec’s Epicor ERP advisory, implementation, and hosting services, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce redundancies, and increase efficiency. This means that businesses can get more done in less time, freeing up resources for other important tasks.

Real-Time Insights

Epicor ERP provides businesses with real-time data and insights that allow them to make informed decisions quickly. With the ability to access accurate and up-to-date information, businesses can adapt to changing market conditions, optimize their processes, and seize new opportunities. 

Competitive Advantage

By leveraging the power of Epicor ERP coupled with ComTec’s nearly 30 years of implementation experience, businesses gain a competitive advantage in their industry. With the ability to streamline operations and access real-time insights, businesses can be more responsive to customer needs, deliver products faster, and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“ComTec’s knowledge of the Epicor Software product is excellent. The support after installation, which is very important, is excellent as well.”

William S. Peek

Controller, Rochester Gear, Inc.

We Can’t Wait to Work with Your Team

A successful ERP solution journey starts with selecting the right partner. Your team at ComTec will set the stage for success from day one and ensure a smooth journey to go-live and beyond. We will be with you every step of the way pre-, during, and post-implementation so that you can deliver meaningful results from your investment.


Expert advisory services for Epicor ERP, helping businesses optimize their operations and gain a competitive advantage.


Comprehensive implementation services for Epicor ERP, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the new system.


Ongoing maintenance services for Epicor ERP so the system remains up to date and operating smoothly to support your clients’ business needs.


Reliable hosting services for Epicor ERP help businesses with high availability and secure access to the system from anywhere at any time.

Beginner’s Guide for Implementing a Manufacturing ERP Solution

Are you struggling with the complexities of technology in your manufacturing business? How can you tell if it’s time to implement an ERP? What can you expect in the implementation process? And what can you do to ensure successful results?

This “smart start” guide covers these
topics and more:

            • • What an ERP can do for your business

            • • What you should look for in an ERP

            • • How to implement an ERP

            • • Common pitfalls in ERP solution implementations

            • • How to work with an implementation partner


ComTec Ebook: Manufacturers' Beginner's Guide Fro Implementing an ERP
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Epicor Becomes a Core Component of HARBEC’s Business Model with Strategic Advising from ComTec Solutions


HARBEC’s collaboration with ComTec began over 20 years ago. The company had grown to a point at which it needed to improve the efficiency of its operations and maintain tighter control over processes and production quality.

ComTec isn’t just a provider: It is a partner, providing implementation support and strategic advice. Two to three times a year, an advisor meets with HARBEC team members to apply new solutions and regularly offers optional workshops to introduce the latest Epicor features and functionalities.

Implementation experts have the wide scope of knowledge necessary to customize solutions to the organization’s needs. 


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Ready to Streamline Your Business Processes with Epicor’s ERP Solution?