Midstate Spring’s IT Transformation
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Midstate Spring’s IT Transformation: ComTec Becomes “Liaison for Modernization"


“Creativity and agility are cornerstones to our success at Midstate, and ComTec’s willingness to meet us on these values has manifested into both positive results and a relationship of trust.”

—Robert Hartshorn, IT Manager at Midstate Spring



Long-Lasting Spring Manufacturer Seeks Out Cloud Solutions

With an aim to be the “last great American spring maker,” Midstate Springs produces custom springs and wire forms for original equipment manufacturers. The company has operated out of Syracuse, New York, since 1939.



The Challenge: Need for Upgrades and Transition to Hybrid Cloud

Midstate Spring, facing rapid growth and the accompanying challenges, needed a way to modernize its current technologies. The company had previously worked with ComTec for disaster recovery, so it knew it could trust ComTec’s solutions. 

One of the initial modernization issues for the organization was the unit of measure conversions (UOM conversions) needed to upgrade its Epicor ERP system. Recognizing how complicated and challenging the process would be, Midstate Spring reached out to ComTec to provide consultation on the transition.

Looking to pivot to a hybrid cloud solution, Midstate Spring realized the process would require significant resources and expertise. The company needed a team that could help it navigate new cloud service options and address the technical implementation aspects of establishing accessibility to its ERP system.

In addition, Midstate Spring was facing licensing issues, which muddied the waters and slowed down the process of cost projections for taking on new technologies. With all of these challenges, Midstate Spring needed a reliable and knowledgeable partner to help it achieve its goals and stay ahead of the curve in its industry.



Hybrid Cloud Solution Transforms Midstate Spring with ComTec’s Support

ComTec provided Midstate Spring with a hybrid cloud solution for its ERP system, which allowed for centralized control of servers hosted in a data center accessible by both teams. This solution enabled accessibility and affordability with no drastic changes to user licenses and pricing models.

The transition to the Epicor 10 environment was seamless, with the added benefit of additional redundancy when it came to backup and recovery. ComTec’s involvement in backing up its environment and providing infrastructure support for its Epicor product ensured that the data was being accessed and used years later. With ComTec’s help, Midstate Spring was able to keep business operations moving forward with improved backup solutions.



Trust, Flexibility, and Strategic Guidance with the ComTec Partnership

For Midstate Spring, one of the most important aspects of working with ComTec has been the trust it has in the relationship. The company appreciates having a partner who thinks about its business and offers advice—not just a vendor who executes on a project. 

With ComTec’s multiple solution options, customization flexibility, and cost-effective methods, the organization can continue to achieve its goals with less disruption. Modernizing its systems and processes has allowed the company to create a clear vision for its tech stack. 

ComTec’s ability to act as a strategic sounding board has been a valuable asset for Midstate Spring, allowing it to make the right decisions at the right time. Overall, the partnership has helped improve and modernize Midstate Spring’s IT landscape, not just through the systems it uses but also through the processes that support them.



Improved Accessibility and Reliable Backup Solutions in Perpetuity 

With its new hybrid cloud service, Midstate Spring is leveraging additional accessibility among its systems. And with an SQL Server that is perpetually backed up, it no longer worries about losing important data. This new built-in redundancy has freed up the IT team to take on other tasks. 

As the organization continues to grow, it will continue to lean on its partnership with ComTec for its reliable and supported IT services.

“My favorite part of working with ComTec is the people. The engineers we work with are technically capable, but also friendly and trustworthy; they care. We aren’t just a ticket in a web portal, and this has proven invaluable to the contract of trust between our companies.”

—Robert Hartshorn, IT Manager at Midstate Spring


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