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EmpireEMCO Transforms Workflow with Cloud-Based Epicor Software and ComTec Managed IT Services

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Established Manufacturer Seeks Software Solutions to Digitize Business

With over a century of experience, EmpireEMCO offers traditional and nontraditional packaging as well as custom-designed packaging products for a variety of clients across the globe, helping its customers save time and space in the supply chain.


20-Year-Old ERP Software Systems and Lack of Cloud-Based Capabilities Obstruct Growth

As a growing company, EmpireEMCO was faced with several challenges, including the need for a scalable, managed IT services provider and a streamlined enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system.

“We were looking for a new ERP software system, as well as updated hardware for all of our team members,” says Joseph Faraci, EmpireEMCO controller. “Previously, we had three separate ERP software systems, and they were around 20 years old.”

Additionally, because of the changed landscape of work throughout the world, the organization needed a solution that would transition most of the team members from in-house employment to remote work. Because the old ERP system was outdated and tethered to the hardware in the office, remote work with the system proved difficult.

The company was also in need of a software solution that could be maintained and updated easily and remotely, was optimized and modernized, and was implemented by an experienced team of experts it could rely on to help oversee the systems put in place for the long haul.



Cloud-Based Systems, Including a Modernized ERP Software Solution

Since December 2019, ComTec has helped EmpireEMCO revolutionize the way it does business using the Epicor Kinetic ERP system. One major advantage of the system is its ability to centralize data, enabling EmpireEMCO to make well-informed decisions and respond quickly to changes. With real-time access to critical information, the company has been able to optimize its inventory management and improve customer service.

In addition to setting up an updated cloud-based ERP software system for the organization, ComTec also installed a new server at its headquarters, which serves as the base of operations for the systems unrelated to ERP and remote connectivity for all employees. These transformative changes enabled the company to grow and expand while allowing team members to work remotely.

“They let us do what we need to do and operate in this new environment—the environment of working remotely and over the cloud,” Faraci says. When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses in 2020, EmpireEMCO was prepared for the massive changes in workflow and operations because of the modernization of its system with Epicor ERP. What may have been a difficult transition was easily handled thanks to the cloud-based system implemented by ComTec.

“We were definitely ahead of the curve when the pandemic hit,” Faraci says. The new cloud-based ERP software system has enabled EmpireEMCO to expand with new hires of talented individuals from across the country without requiring them to move closer to the physical offices.

Since operating with the new ERP software system and with help from ComTec’s managed IT services to ensure its IT strategy is always on the right path, Faraci says the company has experienced “banner years” of growth and profitability.



Support and Help During Every Step of the Process

ComTec was there every step of the way to help guide EmpireEMCO through the year-long implementation process, helping to mitigate risks and deliver seamless integration. Specialists continue to visit the organization’s headquarters regularly, in addition to providing remote management and maintenance of the IT systems.

“The nice thing about ComTec is they will always jump in and help when something goes wrong,” Faraci says. “They’re a highly-valued extension of our company.”

ComTec’s managed IT services have also helped EmpireEMCO maintain a secure and reliable IT infrastructure, ensuring that its systems are always up to date and running smoothly. Whatever software or hardware challenges EmpireEMCO faces, ComTec quickly pivots to provide clear direction and updated solutions. This has helped EmpireEMCO team members save time, effort, and headaches because they know they can trust the ComTec team to help them resolve any issue at hand. This extra support has allowed the team to take advantage of any opportunity that will help to accelerate its growth.



EmpireEMCO continues to grow and evolve to address customer demands and changes in the world of work. Understanding how to improve operational efficiency and make faster, better decisions has become much easier with the new ERP system in place and is helping the organization reach new heights. Thanks to the level of success delivered from the Epicor implementation and the continued support of ComTec, EmpireEMCO is implementing plans that will continue to drive its upward mobility in the coming years. “It’s an exciting time at EmpireEMCO, and we couldn’t be happier to have ComTec as part of our team,” says Faraci.

What is your favorite part about working with ComTec?

“The people. You get to know the people at ComTec really well, and they get to know you. You know they’re going to take care of you. You need that kind of support when you’re working remotely as a small company.”

—Joseph Faraci, Controller, EmpireEMCO


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