ComTec Solutions Streamlines Optimax Workflow with Epicor ERP Customizations
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ComTec Solutions Streamlines Optimax Workflow with Epicor ERP Customizations

ComTec Solutions Streamlines Optimax Workflow with Epicor ERP Customizations

“Over the years, we’ve relied on ComTec to do the heavy lifting.”

—Gary Kraynak, ERP Engineer, Optimax



Largest Precision Optics Manufacturer in the US Looks to Improve Workflow through Epicor Customizations

As the largest precision optics manufacturer in the United States, Optimax has been manufacturing the future of optics since 1991 with highly engineered solutions for customers in the aerospace, government research, and defense industries.



Inability to Harness Full Epicor Optimizations Slows Job Flow on Plant Floor

Optimax faced a unique challenge as they looked to optimize their plant floor processes. While manufacturers that have a recurring manufacturing system can often use Epicor straight “out of the box,” precision optic manufacturing changes from job to job thus requiring additional customization within the system. Optimax needed more from their ERP.

“Here at Optimax, we do things differently,” says Gary. “Everything we manufacture changes as we go. This requires a lot of customizations in our Epicor ERP system.”

Before partnering with Comtec, Optimax relied solely on its in-house team to configure and customize their Epicor instance. Without previous experience in Epicor, team members were forced to train themselves on the system, not always knowing if they were selecting the best modules or making the right configurations that aligned to their needs. 

When an experienced team member that handled Epicor administration and customization needs left the organization, this further amplified the issue, leaving Optimax with support and data access gaps. The company soon recognized it didn’t have the know-how or full support needed to customize the system.

“If we had recurring processes, it would be easier to use Epicor,” says Gary. “But our products and specifics change quite a bit from time to time resulting in our workflows changing as well.”

Optimax needed a go-to team they could rely on to quickly improve the plant workflow with customized forms that gave internal team members a better experience as production changes occurred. This “go-to” team had to know Epicor inside and out, be ready to jump in and assist when needed, and align business needs with the technical aspects of the system.



An Experienced Epicor Team Providing Ongoing Training and Support

ComTec’s in-depth Epicor expertise was exactly what Optimax needed. 

“In the beginning, we relied on ComTec very heavily,” says Gary. 

When Optimax needed specific financial reports, ComTec was able to build them within Epicor. The Optimax team also attended the classes and training ComTec provided, which helped staff members understand how to maximize their Epicor ERP investment. In doing so, the client’s internal team can create reports on their own. However, when some report requirements are too complex, they turn to ComTec.

“We need in-depth expertise at times,” says Gary. “When such a need arises, a ComTec Epicor expert comes to the company and does a thorough walk through of any module we are interested in. This on-site support is a tremendous help when it comes to system upgrades as well. They are always available when we need help.”

ComTec’s support has been essential especially during times of employee turnover at Optimax. New hires within the organization are quickly brought up to speed on Epicor and can rely on ComTec to be there for any required training or questions.

Instead of Optimax changing to fit Epicor, ComTec has been able to customize Epicor to address the specific needs of the company. This has been a game-changer for Optimax, helping them become more agile and eliminate manual processes that slow production down.



Trusted Partner with Deep Business and Epicor Understanding

ComTec has been a trusted partner for the organization. ComTec representatives frequently provide on-site training for the Optimax team, answering questions and addressing simple to complex needs. These face-to-face interactions have created deep connections between the two teams. 

“We love seeing the ComTec team,” says Gary. “We enjoy the camaraderie and collaboration. Having them part of our team helps us to become more proactive in how we use technology to address opportunities and challenges.”

Because of the time the two teams have spent together, ComTec has a firm understanding of the Optimax environment and the blueprint of its business. 

“ComTec knows our workflows,” says Gary. “We would request a module to help with accounting or other areas of the business and they would recommend modules that we might be interested in. They know Epicor inside and out and what works best to address specific needs and challenges.”

Recently, Optimax needed some configurations added to one of its reports. It turned to ComTec for the update.
“We went right to the same person who had written it for us,” says Gary. 

Knowing they can turn to the same people each time to update reports, upgrade configurations, and answer questions has been invaluable to the team members at Optimax.

“We love the personalized service,” adds Gary.



The demand for specialized optic manufacturing continues to grow, and with it, the number of technology choices on the market. As Optimax looks to the future, it is always on the lookout for the major pain points in its industry. The company keeps an eye out for ways to stay ahead of emerging technology trends.

“Keeping watch of what emerging technology is available and understanding how it can help us accelerate our growth is always a challenge,” says Gary. “With limited IT resources on the team, it’s a relief to know ComTec is just a phone call away when we need help determining the best step forward.”

“My favorite part of working with ComTec is the people. ComTec is a pleasure to work with, and they always have our back.”

—Gary Kraynak, ERP Engineer, Optimax


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