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The Challenge with an In-House IT Team | ComTec Solutions

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Containing endless amounts of critical data, your IT infrastructure is the core of your business. Technology — however helpful — isn’t always reliable. If you have an IT issue, you need to resolve it as quickly as possible. Some companies have an in-house IT employee or perhaps a help desk to address any issues, but such an important aspect of your business requires a fully comprehensive service. Below are some reasons to consider outsourcing your IT services to optimize your organization for success.


1. Your in-house team might be unreliable or understaffed

The Challenge: Onsite IT employees can be unpredictable. If you only have one IT specialist, what do you do if they are out sick or become unavailable?

The Solution: When you employ managed service provider for your business, you’re employing an entire team of professionals who are leaders in their industries. A full staff ensures that you’ll get the assistance you need if a system issue or failure arises. Response time is essential when an IT disaster strikes: instead of one or a few in-house specialists, you can rely on ‘round-the-clock assistance from your IT service provider. The unparalleled support you’ll receive from an IT disaster recovery company means 24/7 monitoring, proactive solutions, and fewer worries for you.


2. Your in-house IT staff member has a limited scope of knowledge

The Challenge: One person only has so much knowledge and experience. What do you do if their skill set is limited and they cannot effectively address and fix the issue at hand?

The Solution: Let’s face it, a single person cannot be an expert at everything. By outsourcing your IT services, you gain access to a vast knowledge base from several seasoned professionals. A team with a variety of skill sets can handle any problem you may encounter beyond the scope of one individual. From disaster recovery to website design, a team of certified and knowledgeable technicians are equipped to deliver a variety of customized services. Think of your managed IT consulting and service team as an extension of your current staff that creates strategic solutions just for your business.


3. Your staff has many other responsibilities that take precedence

The Challenge: As a business owner, you’ve got immense amounts of responsibilities on your plate. How can you balance all business matters while still tending to important IT management?

The Solution: Outsourcing your IT services reduces hassle and opportunity costs, so you can focus on more pressing business matters. If you choose to hire an in-house IT employee, you lose valuable time and money during the on-boarding and training process. In addition, managed IT services mitigate risk. Any down-time experienced from a system outage results in lost profits with each passing minute. Performance monitoring ensures that potential problems are resolved before serious damage can occur. With managed IT services, productivity and profitability are never in jeopardy.

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