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Breaking the Break/Fix Mentality

If an IT issue arises, the common solution would be to contact your IT service provider to remedy the problem. The maintenance solution seems simple enough: when something breaks, you act to fix it. The break/fix concept is standard practice for many businesses when their systems go awry. However, the ideology is antiquated. As IT systems advance, the break/fix mentality must be broken.

In the past, IT systems were much less complicated. The break/fix approach was essentially the only option many companies had. Networks were simpler, but also prone to corruption and relied solely on break/fix support. When a system went down, the glaring errors became more and more obvious as businesses suffered waiting for their problems to be fixed.

The break/fix approach is inherently flawed because it attends to IT problems as they happen. If your business relies on a computer network to run efficiently, the break/fix approach simply isn’t good enough. When critical network or software devices fail, your business suffers; any downtime could result in lost time, lost clients, or lost revenue. In short, the negative implications of a compromised IT system are innumerable.

To avoid such losses, businesses must migrate away from remedial or corrective actions. Instead of the traditional break/fix approach, managed IT services are the best way to handle problems proactively. Managed IT services not only handle day-to-day IT operations, but also serve as a preventive measure for any potential issues. When you employ managed IT services, a professional IT team works diligently around the clock to monitor your system and can resolve issues before they cause irreparable damage.

No business can afford to take chances by relying on a break/fix support system. Each minute spent waiting for a maintenance worker to tend to your issue results in money wasted. The key to an efficient IT system is a comprehensive management service.

ComTec strives to shorten and nearly eradicate the time taken from problem recognition to resolution. Managed IT services streamline overall operations while cutting costs and avoiding detrimental network problems. From cloud backup solutions to fully managed solutions, ComTec provides the managed IT services that New York and Connecticut businesses rely on. Contact us today for an IT management solution tailored to your business’s individual needs.

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