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Best Practices Against Cryptowall Virus

Cryptowall is a computer virus that infiltrates operating systems through infected email messages and fake downloads. After it has infiltrated your system, the program encrypts the files stored on the user’s computer and demands payment as a ransom to decrypt them. Local files are encrypted using a randomly generated 2048-bit RSA key pair that’s associated with the infected computer.

While the public key is copied on the infected computer, the private key can only be obtained by paying for it within an allocated amount of time. If payment is not delivered, the private key is supposed to be deleted, leaving no possible unencrypting method for recovering the locked files.

The best practices to protect yourself and prevent this from happening to you and your office include:

  • Using an antivirus solution that is constantly updated and able to perform active scanning
  • Scheduling file backups – either locally or in the cloud – so data can be recovered in case of corruption
  • Following safe internet practices by not visiting questionable websites, not clicking links or opening attachments in emails from uncertain sources, and not providing personally identifiable information on public chats rooms or forums
  • Implementing/enabling ad-blocking capacities and anti-spam filters
  • Virtualizing or completely disabling Flash, as it has been repeatedly used as an infection vector
  • Educating employees in identifying social engineering attempts and spear-phishing emails

ComTec Solutions offers assistance with these best IT security practices as part of our managed IT services offering. We work closely with clients to ensure that they have the best protection from viruses as well as many other IT security threats. We also provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system will be safe from harm and monitored 24x7x365.

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