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4 Signs It’s Time to Get an ERP System for Your Company

Running a business is no simple task. There is a lot to strategize, keep organized, and complete on time. When your business begins to grow, this becomes even more overwhelming.

What Is an ERP System and Why Do You Need It?

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) is an important piece of software that manages production, process, and inventory. Used across many industries such as manufacturing, retail, automotive, electronics, medical, agricultural, and finance, it monitors your business and helps keep it productive and profitable.

Signs Your Corporation Needs an ERP System

Contrary to old practices, an ERP system is essential for small- to medium-sized businesses. But how do you know when it’s time to incorporate one into your organization?

  1. Your organization already uses too many different software systems.
  2. Your employees wear many hats and perform multiple responsibilities (common among startups and small businesses). There may not be enough time or enough members of staff to ensure everything is documented correctly or in a timely manner.
  3. Processing large volumes of data is time-consuming and can lead to a decrease in productivity, and inventory is difficult to determine.
  4. Your business is not performing to its potential:
    • Customers are not satisfied
    • You are lacking access to real-time information about your business
    • Sales are suffering
    • The company has trouble meeting schedules

How ComTec’s ERP Experts Can Help

The staff at ComTec is experienced in developing and implementing ERP solutions that are customized for each business we serve. Each team member is extensively trained in implementation. With regional service and global support, we work hard to ensure your organization fully understands and can maintain the new ERP system. If you think an ERP system is the right fit for your business, get in contact with us today.

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