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When to Move to Multilayered Cybersecurity for Your Business

With the explosive growth of cybercrime, it’s important for a business owner to regularly assess his/her risk. Knowing the threat landscape and positioning yourself to combat threats is critical to your ability to avoid unplanned downtime and reputational damage.

So, let’s answer the question, “How do I know if I need multilayered cybersecurity?”

In the past, small to medium-sized companies relied on antivirus and a firewall to keep them safe. While both can still be important security tools, the days of them being enough are unfortunately long gone.

Here are five things to consider:

  1. How are you securing the data and workflow of work-from-home employees?
  2. Do all employees currently have access to everything on your network?
  3. Are you running any unlicensed or out-of-date applications?
  4. Do you know the security posture of all the online storage or web-based apps your staff is using?
  5. Are the smart devices (security, thermostats, lighting, or speakers) in your office―or home office―locked down?

Multilayered cybersecurity is an IT security strategy that proactively works to secure each part of your IT systems that could be used as an attack vector.

We’d be happy to help you determine precisely what IT security elements need to be in place for your workflow. To do this, we conduct a strategic analysis of your current state, identify critical gaps, and provide you with a roadmap to a healthier IT security posture.

Learn more about how IT Managed Services can help your business objectives by visiting our website, call us at 585-621-9303, or email us at info@comtecsolutions.com. We’ll schedule a one-on-one discussion focused on your key challenges.

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