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Three Steps for Remote Work Setup

In response to COVID-19, employers who have not setup remote work capabilities in the past are now looking for ways to keep their businesses running. One of the easiest ways is to allow employees to work from home. ComTec Solutions has been helping our customers setup a secure connection for hundreds of their employees to access their workstations from home. Our Team is providing sufficient solutions that can either be temporary or long-term depending on customers’ needs. With businesses transitioning many of their employees to work remotely, we’ve highlighted three steps below on how to setup remote access for those employees:

  1. Identify Assets

The first step to setting up remote access for employees is to identify your hardware assets and your VPN licensed assets. Assessing the number of laptops and VPN licenses you have will help determine what the best course of action is moving forward.

  1. Choose a Temporary or Long-term Solution

If you have a sufficient number of hardware and VPN licensed assets for all employees who need to be setup to work at home, choosing a solution is simple – your IT provider will setup employees using those assets.

If you do not have a sufficient number of assets to accommodate all employees, you will either need to invest in more software and hardware or work with your IT provider to find a temporary alternative. Investing in hardware and VPN licenses that will no longer be used once employees return to the office is not ideal since VPN licenses are per user and are perpetual. In this case, we recommend choosing a temporary alternative solution. For example, at ComTec, we can create individual user accounts with the software we already have installed for our customers so their employees can be provided with a secure remote desktop connection to a specific workstation. When remote access is no longer needed for remote workers, we can deactivate specific accounts. It’s a simplistic but elegant solution. This is not long-term but allows our customers to successfully navigate through an emergency response without major investments in hardware that will not be needed down the road.

  1. Work with IT Support on Deployment

Regardless of the solution you choose to deploy, your IT provider will be involved with end user support. From setting up portals to patching old laptops or desktops that need security updates, remote setups come with troubleshooting issues that will take time to iron out.

Your IT provider can also help you take advantage of relevant applications for remote work. ComTec is helping many of our customers take advantage of products they already own such as Microsoft Teams, an application for instant messaging and a collaborative virtual meeting space.

As a trusted technology partner, ComTec Solutions ensures our customers’ needs are met in any situation. If your organization needs IT support, call or email us anytime to learn how we can help you.

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