Managed IT Services

Getting Started with Managed IT Services

Current State

Employees are spending too much time on, or are too frequently interrupted by, recurring IT problems, instead of focusing on their jobs

Uncertain if the right technology’s in place – unsure of when and how to upgrade or modify

The cost is not predictable month-to-month; there are frequent cost variances with current provider

Concerns over security/privacy – are we taking the proper precautions?

Not having access to the right skill expertise

Ideal State

Employees are focused on revenue and customer support activities, not IT

Demonstrate due diligence in securing employee, customer and financial data in the event of a security breach – compliance (security and privacy)

Predictable cost to run your IT

Working with a Managed Services Provider frees your team from time-consuming IT troubleshooting, and allows them to stay focused on revenue-generating objectives.

While some companies are stuck with simple break-fix solutions, unpredictable IT costs, and crippling downtime, organizations that partner with a managed IT services provider experience enhanced productivity and profitability by leveraging technology systems effectively.

If you plan to invest in technology to enhance your business capabilities, a managed services provider helps you plan, implement, maintain and optimize your systems to maximize your investment.

Managed it strategic planning

Managed IT Services Program Features with ComTec Solutions

Strategic Planning & CIO Services

At ComTec, we’ll work with you to align your IT strategy with your business goals for operations, production, sales, and marketing. We start by looking at your current IT infrastructure. We use that  information to create custom technology roadmaps that  will help form a consistent and proactive plan. Our strategic planning services are specifically designed to impact your operations and your bottom-line, all within an agreed-upon budget.

Server Virtualization

Maximize your storage network’s capability and simplify your infrastructure with server consolidation and virtualization. Your employees will benefit from a standardized operating system between all machines, and your company will save money on hardware maintenance and energy bills.

Server virtualization simplifies your infrastructure so you can make better use of storage, network, and computing resources, which means more financial control, faster response, and server consolidation.

Managed IT Services

We know how important your IT Infrastructure is to your business’s efficiency and productivity, and how costly downtime can be. That’s why our 24/7 IT support service will constantly monitor your network to solve problems as soon as they happen. We offer different levels of service, including Proactive IT Service, which covers system maintenance and monitoring, and Supplemental IT service, which provides essential repairs and fixes as needed. More details on these levels are below.

24/7 performance monitoring ensures all of the critical network devices that make up your small business network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally. We monitor and maintain your LAN, WAN, and VPN.

ComTec can also provide an IT engineer to be on site with you and your team throughout the month.

Cloud Backup

Secure, reliable backup is critical to protecting your business’ data from unexpected system failure. ComTec’s integrated cloud backup system is designed to preserve your data while using less of your network and storage resources. It features powerful autonomic-healing, validation-restore capabilities, and military-grade encryption. Our Cloud Backup solution provides enterprise-class backup and recovery in a single, integrated solution.

Our team ensures business continuity through scheduled backup of critical data and restoration in the event of data loss. We apply the industry’s best practices for the protection of your data against loss through regular on-site and cloud backup.

Cloud Backup includes:

  • Agentless software architecture for easier deployment and management
  • Global deduplication and data compression technology
  • Designed for efficient performance and compatibility with public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 certified security, including AES 256 encryption
  • Autonomic healing and validation restore capabilities
  • Fast, efficient, and secure backups of all types and locations of data – from servers to applications, to endpoint devices and cloud-based data

For businesses who need it, we offer additional backup and offsite storage options for proper management of critical data. This is an optional service that can be added on to a Managed IT package.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

As cyber threats become more prevalent, it is almost certain that a business will experience some sort of breach. And while worst-case scenarios can ruin critical parts of your business, most cyber threats will cost you time, money, and management attention. A lack of adequate cybersecurity could also cause you to lose clients if they demand strict security compliance.

We offer perimeter protection preventing unwanted email viruses and spam from reaching your network or users. ComTec has partnered with leading security providers to offer you best in class anti-virus and anti-spam products.

Standard Reporting

When you partner with ComTec, you’ll receive a monthly scorecard, called the Executive report, of the overall health of your IT systems. This scorecard gives you both at-a-glance and detailed information about everything from an inventory of the software programs you are using to your server performance.

Once a quarter, we’ll have a formal reporting meeting reviewing the past three months and future steps to take for optimal IT performance.

Disaster Recovery

ComTec Solutions’ Disaster Recovery service addresses both physical and virtual environments–critical data, applications, and complete systems. So when trouble hits, we can help you make sure your business continues with as little downtime and interruption as possible.

Proactively, ComTec’s team of IT experts can perform an in-depth Business Impact Analysis to pinpoint areas where your system is vulnerable, and we’ll use that information to implement a Disaster Recovery solution that will minimize productivity loss when a problem occurs.

Disaster recovery aims at protecting your organization from negative forces, disrupting workflow, and even permanently damaging your infrastructure. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, can damage your hardware, but other disasters, such as ransomware, malware, and cyber attacks, can be even more long-lasting and detrimental to your business.

Cyber attacks have risen dramatically over the past few years and will only continue to do so. And unfortunately, according to the Disaster Recovery Journal, 90% of businesses that don’t have a disaster recovery plan fail.

Web Design and Hosting

Your website is the hub of your company’s sales team, so it’s important that it looks sharp and speaks to your audience in a clear and intelligent fashion. ComTec Solutions can help you refresh your website–or rebuild it from scratch with all-new content. We can offer configurable storage, adjustable bandwidth, hosted email, and more. ComTec incorporates an easy-to-use content management system into your new website that makes basic updates easy to handle in-house.

Bundled Support Time (Optional)

Sometimes your business needs more than monitoring and preventative maintenance. We offer bundled helpdesk support time to aid your business when IT issues outside of our normal scope occur. Often times, our technicians can work remotely to resolve any issues.

Every business has different needs for their IT. It’s our job to tailor services to their budget."

Managed IT Services Tailored to Your Business

ComTec offers multiple levels of managed IT services—as well as custom packages—so you can maximize your investment in technology:

1. Fully Managed IT Services

Fully managed IT services is the highest level of Managed Services we offer. This package includes:

  • Base 24/7 monitoring system with monthly executive reports and quarterly meetings
  • Set number of monthly hours for an engineer to visit your facility
  • Unlimited helpdesk calls and support hours

We recommend the fully managed package for companies who frequently need on-site IT or helpdesk support. Fully managed services are charged as a fixed monthly price.

2. Proactive IT Services

The Proactive IT Services package is our most popular option. It includes:

  • Base 24/7 monitoring system with monthly executive reports and quarterly meetings
  • Set number of monthly hours for an engineer to visit your facility
  • Pay as-needed helpdesk calls and support hours

Unlike the Fully Managed package, the Proactive IT Services package offer helpdesk support in a “pay as you go” package, so you only pay for the time you actually use. Proactive IT services are a fixed monthly price with a variable price for any helpdesk support used.

3. Supplemental IT Services

Supplemental IT services is the most fluid of our packages, as you are only charged for services when you use them. There is no active monitoring or proactivity; ComTec Solutions assists when part of your IT infrastructure is down and needs to be restored.

4. Custom IT Service Packages

If you feel that your organization needs something in between our offerings, we are happy to put together a custom Managed IT package to fit all your needs. Contact a member of our sales team to get started.

Person holding a tablet with screen facing out
Managed it services report

Monthly Status Reporting The Executive IT Report

The Executive Report in our Managed IT Services package is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. It bundles all of the services and gives you a high-level overview of your IT activities for a certain period, creating an at-a-glance summary of important metrics. Through our Managed IT Services, your organization will receive a monthly scorecard, showcasing areas in which your IT has improved and areas that still need our attention. The Executive report also includes

  • Hardware inventory report
  • Software inventory report
  • Capacity planning report
Information systems that improve quoting, productivity, and profitability

Benefits of Partnering with a Managed Services Provider

server virtualization work with a managed service provider

1. Mitigate IT Risks with Proactive Solutions

When it comes to compliance, quality of technology, uptime and client satisfaction, businesses inherently carry a lot of risk. By partnering with a managed services provider, you reduce your risk by relying on subject-matter experts and a full team of IT specialists who focus on proactively addressing these threats before they impact your business.

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2. Controlled and Predictable Spending

Working with a managed IT services provider helps you control your costs better because you are working on a monthly/annual contract with consistent fees and transparently laid out scopes of work. Additionally, managed IT services allow organizations to reduce operational costs, conserve capital budget and lower IT operating expenses. Working with a managed services provider will also help reduce the chance of significant and expensive downtime or crashes.

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3. Equip Your Small Business with a Full Team of IT Professionals

Managed IT Services can help small to medium-sized business level the playing field because it equips them with a full-time team of IT professionals, a luxury that is usually reserved for large, multi-million dollar companies. In addition to the increased quantity of IT staff on your side, you add valuable know-how to your operation and can leverage the expertise of your managed services provider.

Managed IT Services with ComTec Solutions

Fast Fixes

24/7 monitoring services ensure that issues are resolved rapidly.

Mitigate Risk, Leverage Technology

Combining preventive maintenance with remote monitoring lets us minimize failures and their impact on your business.

Strategic Technology Solutions

Go beyond break-fix and partner with a company that creates solutions for your organization.

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