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How To Tell If Your Company Needs Managed IT

Sometimes, it’s more cost effective for business owners to wear many hats instead of hiring more employees. However, there are some jobs, like IT, that require more than just willpower – they require experience and continuing education. If your company matches one or more of these criteria, you could benefit from a Managed IT team to maximize your business potential and capabilities.

You Don’t Have a Dedicated IT Staff

If you don’t have dedicated IT personnel for your company, it probably means you are handling tech issues on your own, which can be more time-consuming than you’d like. Or even worse, you could be leaving the job half done, which can open you and your company up to some rather unpleasant vulnerabilities (think cyber attacks, malware, or even losing business data because of a crash).

You Don’t Have an IT-Based Strategy

Even if there aren’t any major tech issues to tackle, there’s still a lot that a managed services provider can do for you and your business. Provided insight and IT strategies can help you with your overall business strategy. For instance, IT experts can help with overall productivity. By not having an IT professional, you’re limiting your opportunities.

Tech Issues Are Becoming More Frequent

A few years ago, you may have only had one or two tech-related issues to deal with. Now that almost every aspect of your business is run using technology, it’s more critical than ever to protect those systems. Rather than risk encountering a problem that could bring your business to a screeching halt, it’s better to bring on an MSP. That way, you have protections and backups in place that reduce your vulnerabilities and the chances of avoidable disasters, bringing you, your employees, and your customers total peace of mind.

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You Aren’t Tech Savvy

There are new tech threats, advancements, and changes happening all the time. While you may be an expert on a specific business industry, you may not be as well-versed on IT, which can result in you becoming the victim of a hack or online attack.
Instead of taking the time you would rather spend operating your business and tending to your employees and customers in order to learn the ins and outs of IT, bring on a provider that already has a solid foundation and plenty of experience on the subject. While there’s a lot involved with being a business owner, you’ve likely realized that you don’t have to handle everything on your own; let IT experts help carry some of the load for you.

You Want To Bring Out the Best in Your Business

More and more business is conducted online these days, no matter your sector. For that reason, you simply have to get with the times if you hope to reach or exceed your business potential. Rather than playing catch-up on the latest business and IT-related trends, managed IT services can help you keep up with the curve, which can garner more trust and respect among your target audience.


If you are considering hiring a managed service provider, contact ComTec Solutions for a consultation. We’ll take a look at your current IT infrastructure, and make a service plan recommendation that will help your technology operate efficiently without interrupting workflow or production.

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