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Epicor Kinetic ERP

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Epicor-Designed-for-Biz-Growth-1-768x632- Updated-01ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is a powerful tool that lets business owners manage every aspect of their business, from financials to customer relationships.

This gives business owners real time visibility into business operations, reducing time and cost while increasing profitability. Decision-makers have insight into their global supply chain as well as powerful reporting and forecasting tools to make educated future decisions.

Epicor Kinetic ERP streamlines day-to-day processes, making it easier for teams to collaborate with each other and third-party vendors.
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Streamline, automate and scale

An ERP system will help collect and store data in one centralized location, from departments such as

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Production Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • eCommerce

How To Tell If Your Business Would Benefit From Epicor Kinetic ERP?

These are a few common challenges businesses face before they work with us to implement an ERP system like Epicor Kinetic:

  • Your team members are wasting time on tasks that could be streamlined or automated
  • Your supply chain team works with vendors across the globe
  • Your team can’t easily collaborate or share information with each other
  • You personally spend a lot of time investigating new ways to boost productivity and efficiency
  • You’re having difficulties keeping up with changes in compliance or regulations
  • You can’t access essential business data, either on or off site
  • Reacting to problems instead of finding proactive solutions
  • You don’t have ample insight into inventory levels
  • You don’t have easy data to make informed business decisions
  • You’re working with a lot of different software tools, but none of them are connected to each other

The right ERP system can help you take full command of complicated business processes.

  • Reduce or eliminate the disruptions that slow you down
  • Manage your workforce better
  • Monitor your equipment
  • Understand your suppliers

ERP + ComTec in These Markets

While most manufacturers have challenges in common, we understand that there are big differences from one industry to the next. ComTec consultants and project managers work hard to understand your business—so we can make sure that your ERP system is delivering exactly the results you expect.

Aerospace and Defense

With increasing pressure to reduce price in a business climate of expanding raw material cost and reduced labor availability, aerospace and defense businesses are streamlining and adopting new technology to automate business processes for more competitive lead times. They’re looking to cut waste. ComTec understands the highly specialized processes in your industry, and we can implement an ERP system designed specifically for aerospace and defense while complying with ITAR and/or NIST requirements.

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Medical Devices

Whether you specialize in one single, successful device, supply components to other manufacturers, or deliver finished products to the market for manufacturers, you know the intense drive for providing the latest innovative technologies alongside long product development cycles and complex traceability requirements inherently introduce risk. There’s immense opportunity to grow—if you can respond, change, and adhere to the rigorous demands of the industry. The right ERP system can provide you with a framework for managing product innovation with solid product data management, quality process controls, and cradle-to-grave product traceability.

View the ERP for Medical Devices Brochure

Metal Fabrication

In this industry, lean initiatives are driving many manufacturers to reengineer business processes from the plant floor, to the top floor, to the extended supply chain. ComTec can help you realize business-wide cost savings, reduced cost in raw material and work in process, improved throughput, and better use existing resources.

View the ERP for Fabricated Metals Brochure

Electronics and High Tech

In this sector, finished products typically have a life-cycle of six months or less, and competition is coming from around the globe. One week you might be a subcontractor to another vendor. The next week you might sell finished goods. The week after that it might be OEM technology. ComTec understands the global nature of the electronics business and we can help you thrive amid short end-product shelf-lives and drive growth through after-sales support.

View the ERP for Electronics and High Tech Brochure

Industrial Machinery

Many manufacturers in this industry do business on a global scale. That means being able to meet requirements and speak the language of locations around the world. From the initial customer call to fulfillment, ComTec can help you manage every step along the way—and service your customer after the sale. The right ERP system can help you adapt to an evolving industry, so your product line can grow and change for the long term.

View the ERP for Industrial Machinery Brochure

Rubber and Plastics

Many rubber and plastics manufacturers are expanding their traditional business and looking for new opportunities. Some are looking at new markets. Others are simply trying to boost performance. ComTec understands the unique business processes and challenges in your industry, and we can implement an ERP system designed specifically for companies operating in the rubber and plastics sector.

View the ERP for Rubber and Plastics Brochure

Furniture and Fixtures

The margins are thin in this business and getting thinner due to global competitive pressures, volatile raw material costs, labor demands, and shorter product lifecycles. ComTec can help you reengineer your entire supply chain, improve your performance, and expand into new markets.

View the ERP for Furniture and Fixtures Brochure


The pool of automotive suppliers continues to shrink as only those with the most flexible IT infrastructures can adapt to the increasing demands of automotive customers. ComTec understands the unique demands of the automotive industry. We can help you implement an ERP system that reflects the messaging systems vital to your business, from messaging between factory sites to messaging between the business system and trading partners.

View the ERP for Automotive Industries Brochure

Implementing and Optimizing Your ERP System

epicor certifiedComTec’s ERP implementation process has proven successful time and time again. We are an Epicor Certified Platinum Partner and we strictly follow product implementation guidelines and industry-established best practices.

Services Include:

  • installation
  • hardware and software configuration
  • user or administrator training for customers on a variety of Epicor add-on modules and applications.

Upgrade and migrate, pain-free

Our staff is experienced in developing and implementing ERP solutions that are customized to the unique needs of every business. Every ERP consultant, project manager, and systems engineer is well trained and committed to keeping up with product and industry advancements. ComTec senior consultants deeply understand both your industry and Epicor’s Kinetic ERP, and can provide in-depth analysis through a five-step process review. It’s all designed to help you prioritize the projects that have the greatest potential for a higher return.

A Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing an ERP Solution

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Personalized Training for your Epicor Kinetic ERP Software

Epicor ERP TrainingOur training approach is designed to help professionals absorb critical information and quickly get up to speed.

Our goal is to get your team trained, confident, and back to work quickly. ComTec’s trainers are industry experts and Epicor certified consultants who can walk your staff through a new or updated system, and answer the toughest questions clearly.

Epicor Kinetic ERP Training Types

  • In-House Training – We come to you
  • ComTec Facility – Our facility has 20+ stations, allowing you to rapidly train your staff all at once
  • Online Training – We can train your staff, no matter where you are.  Online training is a time effective way to get acclimated to Epicor ERP.

Events & Training Opportunities

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 Use ERP Software to Track These 9 Manufacturing KPIs

As lead decision-maker of a manufacturing organization, you must ensure the decisions you make on behalf of your company will drive a competitive advantage. But do you have the data? Data that can tell you where and how to improve? One way to gain that data is through ERP software.

When you align ERP software to manufacturing key performance indicators (KPIs), you will obtain reliable data to improve business results. This free resource will walk you through the top 9 most important manufacturing KPIs to track with your ERP software.

Discover how to:

  • Measure and manage quotation practices for improvements
  • Track and streamline manufacturing productivity
  • Monitor and increase profitability

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