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What’s New in Epicor ERP Version 10

Epicor Software Corporation recently released an updated version of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software program. Epicor ERP Version 10 is packed with new features and operational improvements that make the software run smoother and faster. Here is ComTec’s breakdown on what new features are most impactful for Epicor ERP users:

1. Improved Performance

Epicor Version 10 is twice as fast as its predecessor, Epicor 9. Epicor management mandates that each product release improves from the previous one in 3 key categories: program responsiveness, server processing times, and throughput testing. In these evaluations, Epicor 10 tested 4x better than Epicor 9. The result is a much smoother more responsive system.

2. Customization

The newest version of Epicor ERP is built with the powerful Epicor ICE 3 Business Architecture, an infrastructure that delivers improved ability to customize business services, and support for outside client applications. This is an important improvement for businesses that are looking to change and adapt operational practices to accommodate rapidly changing industry trends and demands.

3. Collaboration

Epicor Social Enterprise is a new component that encourages key operations personnel to collaborate on a project using techniques heralded by social media networks. Hashtags, @ mentions, and reposting/sharing are all ways for employees to remain engaged with projects throughout their lifetime. Users elect to “follow” business operations or transactions and receive updates within the app, on mobile devices, or through email.

4. Deployment Flexibility

Whether a company deploys its ERP on-premise, in the cloud, or both, Epicor ERP Version 10 is more prepared than any other version to achieve success in all of the various environments. The company has streamlined the experience across multiple devices, providing a smooth transition for personnel who are accessing the software from remote locations.

If you’re ready for an upgrade, let ComTec help. We work to seamlessly integrate the new software into your existing system with minimal impact to your operations.

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