Top Three Benefits of Cloud Backup Services
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Top Three Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

The word “cloud” has been thrown around a lot in the past few years. Phrases like, “I put it in the cloud,” and “All the information you need is in the cloud.”

But what is the cloud and how can it benefit businesses?

The cloud is simply a reference to the internet, and cloud computing can take many forms. For some, this means putting their servers at a datacenter, or it could mean purchasing shared computing power from a hosting provider and not owning servers, and for others it is a strategy for backing up data and information that involves sending a copy of the data on a proprietary or public network to an off-site server. This allows businesses to stop relying on internal resources to move backups offsite and ensures the backups are managed and secure.

The top three benefits of using cloud backup for businesses are lower cost, improved reliability, and higher security.

1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

A cloud backup, recovery, and restore solution takes advantage of your existing infrastructure, so businesses don’t need to buy or install expensive equipment. Cloud backup software integrates with IT environments to locate and prioritize files for backup, and then securely transmits encrypted copies of those files to offsite data centers. This results in a lower total cost of ownership compared to the purchase and maintenance of complex tape backup systems.

2. Improved Reliability and Speed of Recovery

Having a backup solution is meaningless without a rapid and reliable method of recovering and restoring data. A cloud backup and recovery system instantly restores data regardless of your location, including individual files, which are the most common type of data recovery. By working with a managed service provider, you can establish recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives that match your business requirements.

3. More Secure Method of File Transfer

Files selected for backup are encrypted before transmission to a cloud vault and remain encrypted once they reach their destination. The only decryption key resides with the customer, and these safeguards are superior to unencrypted on-premise data backup and recovery systems.

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