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Think About IT – Data Protection in an Increasingly Mobile World

The recent surge in cloud computing, mobile usage, and remote workstations has enabled businesses to increase productivity, communications, and efficiency. But as it becomes more common for employees to use personal devices to access critical and sometimes sensitive company information, it gets more and more difficult to monitor security.

A host of things could go wrong when an employee accesses company data on a mobile phone or tablet—everything from viruses, to theft and fraud, pose threats. Here are some tips that can help your business keep its data secure in the cyber world:

1. Create a Mobile Policy

It’s important to set clear guidelines that list the devices and operating systems that are acceptable for accessing company data. Outline terms and conditions that employees need to be aware of and craft a crisis management plan to help guide protocol if a breach does happen.

2. Educate Employees

Your employees need to be aware of what the mobile risks are and how to prevent them. Offer training and provide best practice tips—keeping software up to date and utilizing cell phone locking mechanisms are easy and effective security tactics.

3. Secure Corporate Connection

Your web interface, email accounts, and applications should utilize encryption technology like SSL to decrease the risk of data interception or hacking.

4. Use Mobile Device Management Software

In the event of a lost or stolen phone, MDM software gives users the ability to remotely lock a mobile device or wipe memory and SIM cards.

Contact ComTec for a full assessment of your IT security. We’ll take a look at your current practices and make some recommendations on how to best protect your data in today’s mobile world.

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