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ComTec Reacts to Epicor Survey

In 2014, Epicor Software Corporation surveyed 1,500 companies using ERP services to compile efficiency roadblocks, performance evaluations, and capability needs for future software versions. They found that many users are underwhelmed by the performance of their current ERP solution.
ComTec Solutions, LLC., an Epicor ERP reseller and Platinum Channel Partner, offers ERP implementation and support that can help users realize a strong return on investment of their Epicor ERP software. ComTec President, Rob Moyer, answered some questions users had about their Epicor ERP software and implementation.

Q: How can companies prepare for implementation of a new ERP software?
A: This is not an easy or fast project. In reality, an ERP implementation will be disruptive, time consuming, and a lot of hard work. The best way to prepare for the implementation is to start looking at and documenting your business processes prior to implementation. This will allow for less time to be spent on this task during implementation.

Q: What can companies do to maximize the ROI of their software once it’s up and running?
A: Companies believe that when they go live on the system they are finished. But they are not. They should be constantly looking at how to further implement their software better and use the system more efficiently and effectively.

Q: What can ComTec do to help companies with underperforming ERP software?
A: ComTec will provide a Business Process Review where we look at how the company is using the system today, what could be done better, what processes can be improved upon, and then put together a plan to implement these changes.

Q: What is the deal with cloud-based deployment?
A: Cloud deployment is often seen as the only option to have others manage your ERP system.  The key to remember with Epicor and ComTec is that you have choices.  You can use the same Epicor ERP software regardless of whether it is in the cloud or at your facility.  Our team can manage your system in a cloud-based deployment or in an on-premise solution.

ComTec gives customers the option of having us manage your on-premise ERP server without the challenges associated with cloud hosting. The largest issue with a cloud deployment is the single point of failure with a customer’s internet connection. If the customer has an internet outage they no longer have access to their ERP system. This can be costly and disruptive to their business.

Q: Are there other opportunities to access ERP remotely?
A: There are many ways to access the Epicor ERP system remotely. We have mobile dashboards, Epicor Anywhere web access, email alerts, social collaboration, and many others. ComTec can provide the infrastructure recommendations to safely and securely access your Epicor ERP system in a remote or mobile fashion. Access to real-time information allows for less bottlenecks within your organization and a quicker time to shipment within your ERP system for a better overall level of customer service.

If you think your company could benefit from an evaluation of your current ERP utilization or you need help implementing a new Epicor ERP system, give ComTec a call. As a certified Epicor Platinum Partner we have expert knowledge of the Epicor software and can help your company at any stage of the process—from implementation and version upgrades to Business Process Analysis Review and improvement.

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