Efficiency, savings, and security. Custom tailored to fit your business.

Server virtualization can help you save money while protecting your critical computer systems and data. It simplifies your infrastructure so you can make better use of storage, network, and computing resources. And that means more financial control, faster response, and server consolidation.

Comtect Virtualization ComTec's Virtualization Solution

Virtualization Chart

Capital cost reduction.

By pooling resources through server consolidation, you can reduce your hardware needs by a 10:1 ratio. Less hardware can mean up to 50% lower hardware and operating costs—and up to 80% lower energy costs.

Less downtime.

Virtualization offers complete and continuous protection with automatic disaster recovery. When you virtualize servers, desktops and applications, you can ensure data protection and benefit from high availability.

Dramatic efficiency boost.

Your IT professionals will find it faster and easier to manage and monitor virtual machines with different operating systems on a single virtualization platform.

Superior testing environment.

Pre-production staging environments are optimized for better testing situations and reduced downtime.

Greater security.

Fully protect applications, network and endpoints across your entire infrastructure, including features like automated patch management and integrated firewall across your environment. A smart way to ensure you're compliant enterprise-wide.

Energy savings.

Consolidating servers decommissions unnecessary physical servers while more effectively utilizing more energy-efficient servers.