Disaster Recovery

Protected, no matter what.

From hurricanes to hackers, the threats to your infrastructure are vast. How long can you afford to be down? The right data backup and disaster recovery solution is vital to businesses of every size and mission. ComTec Disaster Recovery Solutions address both physical and virtual environments—critical data, applications, and complete systems. We can help you make sure your business continues with as little downtime and interruption as possible.

Which solution is right for you? Every organization is different. It depends on the nature of the data and applications you're looking to protect. From on-site software to Cloud backup, there are many options available. We can send in an engineer to assess your environment, and recommend a system that fits your business just right.

Disaster Recovery Icon It's Safer. And Simpler.


ComTec will simplify the way you manage server and storage platforms, cut the cost of building and managing your disaster recovery infrastructure, and protect you from downtime.

Disaster Recovery Icon Finding the Right Solution

Our Business Impact Analysis spots the areas where a disruption would most affect you and shows how long you can afford to be down. From there, we'll develop a solution based on what you need to recover—and how fast.

Backup Software Backup software.

Typically a good option for businesses that prefer to back up data on-site, with the option to replicate data to another office, a cloud infrastructure, or to send a replicated copy off-site via a disk or tape for disaster recovery.

Backup Appliance Backup appliance.

One device unites backup software and storage. Easy to deploy, ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses that prefer on-site backup and recovery, but don't have storage hardware.

Cloud Based Hosted Cloud-based/hosted backup.

An easy way to securely, continuously back up local applications and data. Ideal if you have complex servers and systems to protect, and don’t want to manage your own backups. A great relief for overburdened IT staff.