Face-to-face training. Clear. Fast. Hands on.

As much as ERP systems can streamline and simplify, they are still intricate programs that require education and fresh training. Our training approach is designed to help professionals absorb critical information and quickly get up to speed. Our goal is to get people trained, confident, and back to work quickly. Our trainers are industry experts who can walk your staff through a new or updated system, and answer the toughest questions clearly.

Comtec ERP Training ComTec ERP Training Solutions Offer

Training Session

Training designed for you.

Whether you prefer in-house training, classroom style in our facility, or online training, we have a solution to suit the demands of your business—and the schedules of your people.

A memorable experience.

Our hands-on approach as industry experts helps create a solid training session that will stick with your staff.

Focused on work.

Training programs are geared toward software utilization and align with your manufacturing and accounting needs.

Flexible, continuous classes.

We update our training schedule on a regular basis, email us if you would like to be added to our mailing list specifically for training and education.