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ComTec Solutions and Epicor Software Award Attendee of Day in the Life Event With iPad Mini

Rochester, NY, November 8, 2016 - ComTec Solutions and Epicor Software are pleased to award Nick Adams, Chief Financial Officer of Koike Aronson, Inc., an iPad Mini, as winner of its raffle at the Day in the Life event.

This flagship event, which debuted on October 12, 2016 allowed ComTec’s and Epicor’s potential clientele to tour the Epicor ERP system across various real-life scenarios, featuring product demos, various employee processes and tools across multiple departments.

Twenty-three attendees representing ten companies were entered into the raffle after completing a participation survey. One hundred percent of attendees completed the survey, all giving positive feedback in regards to this event being informative, useful and aligning with their goals in choosing an ERP solution.

“We’re thrilled at the turnout and more importantly with the positive responses we received in our surveys,” said Rob Moyer, president, ComTec Solutions. “We’d like to thank all those who attended and congratulations to winner of our giveaway, Nick Adams.”

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